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1 Kg Baigan/egg plant
3 tbsp coconut powder
4 tsp peanut-coarsely powdered
1 tsp each, til seeds, methi seeds,
2 to 4 tbsp, or as needed ((preferably coconut) oil.
1 tsp each, white zeera powder, chili powder, dhania powder
6 curry pata. kalonji seeds (onion seeds)
1 tbsp each ginger and garlic paste
4 tbsp ground fried onion.
2-3 tbsp imli juice, tamarind concentrate, or as desired


Wash & cut baigans into fours without separating from their holders.
Roast coconut powder, peanut, til seeds, methiseeds. Set aside.
Heat oil, add zeera, chili, dhania , curry patta, and
kalonji. Simmer for a while, then add baigan, cover
the lid; fry slightly for a while; take out baigan
leaving fried masala in the cooking pan. Add ginger,
garlic, & rest of the masala along with fried onion &
roasted masala. Mix well. Stuff baigan with finished
masala, tie with a string so as not to separate sides
& split masala; fry baigan for a minute. Add imli
juice & simmer on low heat till baigans are tender or
oil is separated from masala. Remove & Serve hot.

Copyright 2003 Brought to you
by The Anta Kadi and Recipes