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Gos Pilau By: SJ


3 mugs Basmati rice 817
11/2 - 2 lbs meat
4 -5 tbsp. Oil
5 Cadamoms
1 tsp Jiro (Cumin)
2 Medium size onion
1 Big Tomato
4 potatoes
3 tbsp yogurt
2 tsp garlic and ginger paste


Clean the rice and soak for 30 minutes
Boil meat , remove scum and add garlic and ginger paste and salt. Keep aside.
In a large pot with 4-5 tbsp oil fry cardamom and jiro for a minute, add sliced onions and fry till brown. Add tomato cut in small pieces.
In a blender blend 1 green chilli, handful of Corriender leaves and 1/2 tsp jiro or cumin.
Add this to the pot, also add yogurt, garlic and ginger paste and mix well until oil starts to ooz out.
Add meat and 4 1/2 cups of water from the meat if not enough add water to make it to 4 1/2 cups
When water starts to boil add rice
Add salt 1tsp or per taste. When almost all water is gone add 2 caps of lemon juice mix slowly and place in 300* F oven for 10 minutes then off the oven. Leave it for another 10 minutes and take it out of the oven. Mix well slowly cover and let it stay for 15 - 20 minutes and serve.

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by The Anta Kadi and Recipes