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1 can (14 oz)Thai coconut milk (or any brand)
to 1 tbsp red curry paste
salt to taste
tbsp each, brown sugar and pure honey
2 kaffir leaves, minced
1 lb fair size raw shrimp, peeled, deveined and tail removed
2 3 tbsp strong fish sauce
salt to taste
cup chopped basil
garam and chat masala to taste (optional)
sprigs of fresh basil, or cilantro
red chili thinly sliced for garnish
Garam masala and chat masala to taste.


In a heavy bottom wok or skillet, heat of
coconut milk. Stir in red curry paste and cook further
till well blended. Add remaining coconut milk, sugar,
honey and kaffir leaves; bring to boil, stirring
continuously. Add shrimp and simmer with low heat for
6-8 minutes, or till shrimp are done. Add fish sauce,
salt (taste and see if required), chopped basil.
Simmer for 20-30 seconds.
Remove and place on a serving dish or on a platter.
Garnish with garam & chat masala, and sprinkle over
sprigs of fresh basil or cilantro and red chili if you
prefer very hot.
Thai cuisine seldom goes without rice, some prefer
steamed or boiled rice, but these days youth prefer fried
rice to steamed or boiled rice.

Copyright 2003 Brought to you
by The Anta Kadi and Recipes