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1 8oz tub cream cheese
1 8oz tub natural thick yoghurt
1 8oz tub whippiing cream
1 8oz tinned evaporated milk
1 sachet vegitarian gelatin powder
few strands of saffron dissolved in a little warm milk
6oz icing sugar
2oz chopped blanched almonds
2oz chopped pistachios
4oz mixed dried fruits (sultanas,raisins,currants)
5 drops rose essence
half tspn ground nutmeg
edible gold leaf for garnish
balloon whisk
mixing bowl
souffle dish
Rose water


1 Whip cream cheese,yoghurt, whippping cream, evaporated milk and icing sugar in a mixing bowl with a balloon whisk until smooth and silky.
2 Add chopped nuts, mixed dried fruits, rose essence,nutmeg, saffron and gelatine prepared in rose water minutes before adding and mix all the ingredients well together.
3 Pour the mixture into the souffle dish and chill in the fridge.
4 Decorate with gold leaf when slightly firm and chill until ready to serve (approx 3 hours)
5 Serve in individual ramekins

Copyright 2003 Brought to you
by The Anta Kadi and Recipes