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7th Heaven

Waiver -- There are several ways so check the Map below. Most Common as per directions, Next is 62 via Bellevile and Most Straight is 49. I use as per directions.

Take 401 East to Trenton Exit 522 ie hiway 40. At the 1st stop sign turn right this is Hiway 40 go on Hiway 40 until you reach Hiway 33 turn right to PICTON. Go on Hiway 33 until you come to Hiway 1. Turn left on 1. Go on hiway 1 you will cross Hiway 62 and some smaller roads keep going on 1 you will cross Hiway 33 again , keep going straight until Hiway 1 finishes at Hiway 10. TURN right . You come to a stop sign and hiway 10 will go left you keep going straight on 18.Pass Golfing Range and you come to green barn with white fences FAIRFIELD RESORT is on your RIGHT. Register at the Gate.After passing the gate go straight up the hill to the dead end. Drive very slowly after passing the gate 5mph.

**** Have a map of ONTARIO handy and refer to it before starting your 2 1/2 hour journey to "The 7th Heaven"

Firoz & Shenu

Site # 46 Cell - 416-302-8692

Fairfield Resort Phone # is 613-476-2810

Click here to see the Map. We are located where you see 18 in a square.